Benefits of a compound bow

Archery is quite an ancient sport and archery bows have evolved a lot since the beginning. From simple wooden bows in previous times, it covers along the journey and now it is made of highly advanced material like carbon fiber, fiber glass etc.

Types of bows

There are a number of different bows to choose from according to your preference. The most common and basic types of bows are given below, although we would recommend that you buy the best compound bow available out there.

1.  Recurve/Traditional bow: this is mostly used by beginners as it requires less strength but its shape gives more bow power.

2.  Long bow: this is one of the oldest bows and is very difficult to master. This bow is not suitable for hunting.

3.  Cross bows: this is used in battles and has a short firing range. It needs greater strength for best performance.

4.  Compound bow: this bow’s structure helps the archer in heavy weight full draw. And also it gives the archer some time to make an aim. It has also further four types.

i.  Single Cam (quiet and very easy to use)

ii.  Hybrid cam (requires less tuning and maintenance)

iii.  Twin cams (great accuracy and high velocity)

iv.  Binary cams (very high velocity and level nock travel)

Among above mentioned bows, the compound bow is considered best for hunting because of its certain benefits and advantages.


Compound bows also have rubber block that provides support for the archer to draw against. These can be modified according to the archer’s preferred draw length. Its’ cams are designed specifically to control the speed of an arrow. Soft cam gives slow acceleration and is best for beginners while hard cam shoots arrows at a higher velocity. Its pulley mechanism is also simple without a lot of cables and easy to use.

In short, for thrilling and exciting sport like bowhunting, the compound bow is best because it is easy to use, requires less maintenance and gives excellent results.

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