Dangers of Using a Spoilt Air-Conditioner

Maintenance of the AC unit, the invaluable component that keeps your home or office cozy and just right for you, is very crucial. However, you may forget to service it when it looks like it is working just fine. You, therefore, may be exposing yourself to grievous dangers of using a spoilt air-conditioner. According to research and talks with Mr Cool A/C repair Cypress, these dangers include;

1. Nausea, Headaches, and Fatigue

A problem with your AC unit that you may not notice before it is too late is the leaking of the coolant. The coolants are chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) that are categorized under controlled substances and therefore are detrimental to your health. The leaking coolant evaporates into the air indoors, and you may never notice until the AC starts failing by which time you will already be experiencing headaches, nausea, and fatigue. In some cases, long-term exposure results in asphyxiation.

2. Predisposition to Respiratory Tract Infections

If the unit is not optimally functioning, the humidity control is erratic and thus results in irritation of mucous membranes. This constant irritation makes it easy for you to get respiratory infections. Within some time, you may catch colds, flues and other diseases. The mucous membrane irritation incapacitates unique fibers in your respiratory system called cilia, and hence they cannot clear infective microorganisms as in ordinary cases.

3. Source of Infective Microorganisms

Besides predisposing you to infection, a spoilt air-conditioner cannot efficiently eliminate moisture that condenses in the unit and forms a breeding ground for microorganisms. The infective micro-organisms like Legionnaires multiply quickly in the optimum environment provided. When you flick on your AC unit and kickback to relax, they are propelled into your indoor air and get into your body through your nose. They are responsible for fevers, pneumonia, and hospitalizations.

4. Skin Irritation

Ineffective control of moisture also results in the drying of your skin and irritation. Unless you keep up with moisturizers, the long-term effect on your skin may be adverse. In addition to the dry skin, when the leaking coolant comes in contact with the skin it results in irritation of the skin which is worse in sensitive areas like eyelids.

5. Failure During Adverse Weather

When the thermostat is not working optimally, the ability of the unit to efficiently counter the external conditions becomes impeded. In case of a heat wave, you may be left unprotected from the adverse health effects that come with it. When the weather gets too cold, you will need a fully-functional air-conditioner to see you through, and a spoilt one will leave you exposed.

6. Worsening Chronic Diseases

If the filter is not efficiently working, exposure to outdoor air pollutants will result in worsening diseases like asthma and other allergic conditions. Non-functional air filters allow dirt, dust and other air pollutants to make their way indoors and react with your body in case you are sensitive as in the case of allergies. Besides chronic illnesses, exposure to these pollutants will cause to development of cardiovascular and respiratory conditions that will leave you spending a lot of time admitted to the hospital.


Regular diagnosis and maintenance of the air conditioner unit are therefore of utmost importance to avoid running into grave dangers.

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